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Direct English checks the student's English conversation ability and assesses the right learning procedure for each student. The student's designated teacher (Native+Bilingual) will check the students' progress during each class and work towards improving the student's English conversation acquisition skills in the shortest amount of time. This program is the first 1:1 Private Tutorial ever to be developed in the world
25 minute RegularTutorial classes-
Students take a placement test and are assessed an appropriate level (Level 1 ~ Level 6) of learning by the teacher. Students spend 25 minutes with a Bilingual teacher (Korean/English) and 25 minutes with a Native teacher.
Using the Direct English Standard Level Procedure (SLP), students are taught in an organized and systematic manner.
50 minute RegularTutorial classes-
This programs is the same as the 25 minute Regular Tutorial apart from the fact that Students have the option of studying with only the Bilingual tutor or the Native Tutor.