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  1. Mission and Principles
  2. Company History

Mission Statement

  • To develop articulate speakers of foreign languages in order help build our nation’s global competitiveness

Guiding Principles

Dedicate Ourselves to the Nation

  • Generate articulate speakers of foreign languages who will make our country proud
    Provide a model of foreign language education customized for Koreans
    Dedicate ourselves to enhancing our nation’s global competitiveness

Establish an Open System of Language Education

  • Increase opportunities for life-long language education
    Provide the best quality, individualized language education programs
    Establish a cyber language education campus
    Develop excellent language education programs
    Operate educational services that meet learner’s needs

Refine International Communication Skills

  • Enhance cultural awareness as part of language learning
    Produce global citizens through language education
    Help students maximize their potential and actualize our ‘I CAN DO IT’ motto

Management Philosophy

People Helping People

  • Pagoda’s aim is to help people develop themselves. We emphasize devotion to people.

More Than You Expect

  • Pagoda values our customers’ satisfaction. We are ready to do much more than our customers expect by thinking about what we can do to assist our customers before they ask.

Back to Basics

  • Each pagoda staff member is totally devoted to his or her job. Working enthusiastically is the most fundamental and important value we pursue

Servant Leadership

  • Leaders at Pagoda are hardworking and dedicated, and they take the initiative by setting good examples for their fellow employees.

I Can Do It

  • The positive and enthusiastic attitude embodied in ‘I can do it’ is what Pagoda is looking for in our employees