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E2 Visa

  • A foreigner who meets the standards set by the Ministry of Justice may be allowed to teach conversation skills in a foreign language at a foreign language specialized academy, educational institutions such as an elementary school or higher (or that institution's affiliated language centers),language institutes of broadcasting companies and enterprises or any other equivalent entities.

Activities Allowed

Concept of Foreign Language Instruction

  • If you are teaching how to have a conversation in a foreign language at a foreign language academy, educational institution, corporation, associations and others, you are eligible to apply for the foreign language instructor (E-2) visa.
    If you are just teaching how to interpret and translate a particular foreign language or literature, you are not eligible to apply for the foreign language instructor visa.

Allowed Locations

  • A foreign language academy, educational institution or its affiliated language centers (elementary school or higher), broadcasting corporation and other corporate language centers.
    * Including private educational institute that offers online education programs based on ICT (Amended act on the establishment and operation of private teaching institutes and extracurricular lessons)

Eligible Applicants

  • If you are a citizen and have graduated from a university and received a bachelor's degree (or higher) in a country which speaks the language you are going to teach, you are eligible to apply.
    Special privilege given to a graduates of a Korean universities
    - If you have graduated from a high school or a community college in a country that speaks the language that you are planning to teach, and have received a bachelor's degree (or higher) from a Korean university, you are qualified to apply.

Eligibility for the visa issuance confirmation

  • You are eligible to receive an E-2 visa through the visa issuance confirmation.
  • Foreign Language Instructor (E-2) visa will be issued if you have the visa issuance confirmation.
  • A visa issuance confirmation for E-2-1, which includes a contract with a maximum duration of 2 years +1 month as the period of sojourn, will be issued.
    Visa application, review and issuance are possible only at Korean diplomatic missions abroad.

Required Documentation

Application for certificate of Visa eligibility file download
Color copy of Passport (The passport must have at least one blank page and not expire within the next 12 months)   
Updated Resume
Five official passport photos (3.5cm or 1.38 inches wide by 4.5cm or 1.77 inches tall)
A proof of your education confirmed by a public authority
(i.e. either a copy of degree, a proof of degree, or a proof of university graduation which indicates a degree being conferred)
* The document needs to be confirmed by the Apostille Agreement (for participant countries), or by the consul of the Korean diplomatic missions abroad (for non-apostille-participants countries).
※ Please click Certified documents for more details
Criminal background check issued and confirmed by a public authority* in your country
(it should include all criminal records across the country)
* Check with the Apostille agreement (participants) or get your documents confirmed by the consul at a diplomatic mission abroad (for citizens of non-apostille agreement signatories)
※ Refer to our Certified documents for more details
CBC must have an issue date that’s within 5 months of the applicant’s visa application date. Outdated criminal record checks (older than 6 months) are not accepted by the Korean authorities.
The name on your Background check should match your passport.   
Self Health Assessment Report(Applicant’s Health Statement) file download (If "Yes" is checked on any question, a doctor's opinion may be requested.)   
Two signed Employment Contracts

After taking all the time and effort to gather up these documents you can then send all documents using an express courier (i.e. FedEx, UPS, DHL, EMS, etc) that allows you to track the package and guarantees delivery in 2 to 5 days. The cost will range from $30 to $60, but it is well worth it as ensuring the safe and timely delivery of these documents is of paramount importance.
After we receive your documents we apply to Korean Immigration and in about 10 to 14 business days we receive a Visa Issuance number and email it to you. This number confirms that an employment visa has been approved for you.

Visa process in your country

  • After you receive your visa issuance number from us via email you are all set to head over to or mail your documents to the nearest Korean Consulate.
  • All applicants will need:
A completed Visa Application Form file download
Sealed and stamped transcripts: This varies from Korean Consulate to Consulate so be sure to call first
Cover letter: Include your name, address, phone number and your visa issuance number
Passport: Must have at least one full blank page and at least 1 year left before expiration. If your passport expires in less than a year your visa's expiration date will coincide with that date.
Money Order or Cash: If you are mailing your documents, a money order must be sent. If visiting the Consulate, a money order or cash are acceptable. The visa fee varies depending on the Korean Consulate, so please check with your local Consulate. Currently, all teachers should automatically be granted a multiple entry visa, but this is subject to change.
  • NOTE: If you are mailing your documents, be sure to use an express courier that allows you to track the package and include a prepaid express post envelope. However, check with the consulate first to see what they require to expedite the processing and prompt return of your passport and visa. Call the Consulate the next day to see that your documents arrived safely.
  • In 2 to 5 days after submitting your documents you should be able to pick up or receive in the mail. If you haven't heard anything, please call the Korean Consulate right away. Once you have your E2 visa, you'll be packing and getting ready to fly over on the ticket purchased and arranged by the Recruiting Manager.



Visa Process in Korea

  • Once you arrive in Korea, you need to carry on with the rest of the visa process.
    Please check "Medical Check" to carry on the medical check before you do the alien registration. This is needed to register you as a Pagoda teacher to the Board of Education.
  • Our visa manager will explain in detail about the medical check and alien registration once you arrive in Korea.



How to fill out the Visa Application Form

  • Download the Visa Application Form file download
    Only one type of form is used for all visa types. Only completed forms will be accepted.
    How to Complete Your Application
    Please make sure to complete all sections. Your application will be assessed based on the documentation submitted. Failure to provide complete, truthful and accurate information may result in your application being refused.
    Fill in the forms carefully and completely. Please use a typewriter or print clearly in black ink
    If there is not enough space to complete any of the sections, please attach an additional sheet. *Write "N/A" if a section is not applicable. Do not leave blanks.
    For applicants with a visa issuance number, print the number on the top right of the application
    For E-1 and E-2 visa applicants, provide the full names and complete addresses of post-secondary schools attended. Only graduates of accredited schools are eligible to apply for these types of visas.
    Please note that unsigned visa applications will not be accepted.