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A person who is training or involved in job-seeking activities required for employment.
Usually, a person who wishes to continue working with their current visa (Foreign Language E-2) but has not renewed his/her contract or found another workplace changes their visa to D-10.

Eligible Individuals

  • A person who plans to train or get job in the fields of Professorship (E-1), Foreign Language (E-2), Research (E-3), Technology Transfer (E-4), Professional Employment (E-5) or Special Occupation (E-7) and acknowledged by the Minister of Justice

Change of Status

  • A person who would like to continue their previous visa, such as an E-2 visa, will not have to prepare as many documents as people who applied for an E-2 for the first time.
  • But once you obtain a D-10 visa and stay out of Korea for more than 3 months, you should get a new national criminal background check.

Required Documentation

Alien Registration Card
2 official passport photos
Application Form file download
Copy of School Business License
Copy of Business License
Signed Employment Contract
Teaching Schedule
Permission fee of 130,000won
Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation form (Provided by Pagoda, Immigrations form)
※ This document is not required if you are self-supporting your housing under your name. Although, you will still need the ‘Proof of residency’ documents below
Proof of residency: housing contract/Utility Bill/Confirmation Letter from the immigration office about visa extension
※ If your current residency is provided by Pagoda, Pagoda will provide the copy of the lease contract of your place.
※ Proof of residency documents are NOT required if you are to relocate AFTER the application for change of work and it can be explained on the scene. However, in this case, you are still subject to report your change of address to the immigration office within 14 days of your relocation.
Medical Check
Apostilled Diploma (If you haven’t submitted it before to the immigration office)
※ Please click Certified documents for more details
Apostilled Criminal Background Check (If you were out of Korea with D-10 visa for more than 3 months or if you haven’t submitted it before to the immigration office)
※ Refer to our Certified documents for more details
  • IMPORTANT: If you submitted proof of education, Criminal background check and Medical Checkup Results confirmed by the public authority in the past and have been in Korea with a D-10 visa, you are exempt from submitting these documents.
  • A person who has a D-10 visa and wishes to change their visa status back to their previous one such as as E-2 visa, should report to the Head of the local Immigration office at least 3 weeks before you starting their job.
  • Please check “Medical Check” to carry on with the medical check once you get your alien registration card. This is needed to register you as a Pagoda teacher to the Board of Education.