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Instructors at Pagoda have a choice of where they want to live! If the apartment is too small for your taste, we will show you another one. Does it look too old? We will find a newer one. We have a housing manager who will show you different apartments within walking distance or a short commute from the branch you teach at, and you can pick the one you like best.

Pagoda Academy and Pagoda One both assist you in finding a good apartment and in paying for it. We will put down the key money (large deposit system in Korea) for you if necessary, and Pagoda One also provides a monthly housing allowance.

Our housing manager will do his best to help you find a place that you like and is responsible for the following:

On Arrival

Within the First Week

Assisting in apartment hunting near the branch you will be working at
Facilitating the housing contract between the landlord, realtor, Pagoda and you

We will provide basic furnishings such as a fridge, washing machine, and bed if necessary. Before moving in, our housing manager will also conduct an inspection of the apartment.
Throughout the Year

If you have questions related to your living situation, our housing manager is always within a phone call or email message away. He will do his best to assist you with any issue or question you might have.

Housing Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the teachers who sublet an apartment from Pagoda.

1. The Employee can choose to sublet an apartment from the Employer by borrowing key money up to\5,000,000 (for Pagoda One) or up to \10,000,000 (for SLE). The entire key money will be returned to the Employer at the expiration of the Apartment Lease Agreement.

2. The Housing manager of the Employer will show up to 5 apartments to the Employee to sublet.

3. (Recommendation) The Employee should prepare funds to pay the 1st month rent by the time he/she moves into a permanent house.

4. (Important) A security deposit equal to two months’ rent will be deducted from the Employee’s salary over the first four months, in four equal amounts. This security deposit is refunded to the Employee after expiration or finalization of the Apartment Lease contract, minus any outstanding rent, outstanding utility fees, costs incurred due to damage to the Employee’s house, and cleaning fee (if applicable).

5. When the Employee chooses to sublet an apartment from the Employer, the Employee can choose a house that the Employer will approve.

6. The expiration of the Apartment Lease Agreement must end within 31 days from the expiration of the Employment Agreement.

7. The Employer will provide basic furniture that the chosen house does not have. The Basic furniture includes a bed, refrigerator, and washing machine only. All furniture must be returned to the Employer at the end of this Apartment Lease contract in the condition in which it was received.

8. The Employee is responsible for the payment of applicable rent, maintenance fee, and utilities. The Employer can deduct the monthly rent and a fixed maintenance fee from the Employee’s monthly salary and pay it to the landlord.

9. Even though the Employment Agreement is terminated or expired, the Employee must pay for the rent, maintenance fee, and utilities until the Apartment Lease Agreement finishes.

10. For SLE teachers, the realtor agent fee is paid by the employee on the day he/she moves in. For Pagoda One teachers, the employer will pay the realtor agent fee.

11. Upon expiration or termination of the Apartment Lease contract, or the Employment Agreement, the Employee must return apartment keys to the Housing manager, or share the door code to the Housing manager.

12. Three months prior to the expiration date of the sublease contract, the employee must notify the employer of whether to extend or end the sublease contract.