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  • To apply as an English teacher, you need to get proof of your education confirmed by a public authority. (i.e. either a copy of degree, a proof of degree, or a proof of university graduation which indicates being conferred a degree
  • The Korean Immigration Office and the Board of Education both require a diploma authenticated with an apostille or Korean Consulate notarization for Canadians.
    Make sure you get your diploma copy notarized by a Notary Public before authenticating it with an apostille to prove that it is a true copy or an original document.
    The notary will photocopy your diploma and sign and stamp the copy
    Once you have notarized your diploma you need to send the stamped diploma to the appropriate office to secure the apostille authentication.
  • If you have received a degree from a local university in Korea, you are allowed to submit an unofficial copy of a degree.
  • If you have submitted a document (i.e. diploma) confirmed by the institutes in the past, then you are exempt from this requirement
  • IMPORTANT: All nationalities (excluding Canadians) must have their Diploma authenticated with an Apostille Certificate. Canadians must secure a verification stamp from the Korean consulate in their jurisdiction as an alternative to the Apostille certificate.
    * It is wise to make a copy of this as some Korean Consulates may ask to see this when you go to apply for your visa.