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Real Premium Class
Build Your Career
Work Hard, Play Hard!
Recruiting Process
  • Bachelor's Degree or above
  • Relevant teaching experience
  • English, Education majors preferred
  • TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certified preferred
Interview & Demo Class
(1st Interview)
  • Applicants evaluated on
    expertise, delivery, preparedness,
    sociability, presentation and
    language ability
Branch Management &
Head Teacher Interview
(Final Interview)
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Final Review
Training &

# All successful applicants will partake in necessary training programs

Training and Orientation

3 Day Program

Day 1
  • Training on how to use
    Pagoda One Teacher's Platform (POMIS)
  • Training on how to teach Pagoda One
  • Basic introduction and know-how on
    1:1 teaching environment
Day 2
  • Training on Pagoda One Level System
  • Mock class with an actual student
  • Evaluation and Feedback
Day 3
  • Administration Training
  • Center Orientation
    (Guide to work-related regulations)
  • 1:1 Class Observation
Post Training Feedback & Quality Control

Teacher Support System

Week 1
  • Orientation with Center Manager for adaptation to
    work environment
Week 2
  • Q&A session with your head teacher
Week 3 / Week 4
  • Class feedback from your head teacher and trainer
Week 5
  • Additional training depending on the final evaluation
  • Development of teaching competency through
    quarterly interviews with branch managers
    and head teachers

E-2 Visa Holders / Overseas Applicants

  • Flight ticket provided
  • Airport pickup
  • Temporary Accommodation (during training and orientation)
  • Housing Allowance (deposit + partial rent support)
  • Annual leave
    (in accordance with the Korean Labor Standards Act)
  • National Pension fund
  • Health Insurance
  • Contract Renewal Bonus / Severance Pay

Interested? Come teach with us!

Apply online at www.jobpagoda.com,
or send an up-to-date resume and cover letter to jobpagoda.com@gmail.com