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A person who intends to study or research in a regular course at academic institutions (junior college or higher

Eligible Individuals

  • D2 Study Abroad visa holders who have been confirmed by a person-in-charge of the international student program
    Those who have completed all undergraduate and postgraduate courses but still haven't submitted their thesis.
    Those who have graduated from a Korean university
    ※ If you have graduated from a high school or a community college in a country that speaks the language that you are planning to teach, and have received a bachelor’s degree (or higher) from a Korean university, you are qualified to apply.

Time Limit

Undergraduate Course Up to 20 hours per week
Postgraduate Course Up to 30 hours per week
Completing Thesis Up to 30 hours per week
Part-time job limited to 2 workplaces
Time limit does not apply to holidays (including Saturday) during the semester and the vacations between semesters (excluded in calculation of the time limit)
※ These apply to the students on their thesis after completing postgraduate course

Required Documentation


Alien Registration Card
Application Form file download
Recommendation for part-time work of foreign student (Provided by your University/Academy/Institute) file download
Transcript or a certificate of attendance
(If the information can be checked on FIMS, you do not need to submit.)
Copy of Business License
Copy of School Business License
Signed Employment Contract
Teaching Schedule (working time should not exceed 1/3 of the original workplace)
Permission Fee 120,000 won
Medical Check(If this is the first time applying for a part-time job) with 2 passport photos
Apostilled Diploma (If you haven’t submitted it before to the immigration office)
※ Please click Certified documents for more details
Apostilled Criminal Background Check (If you haven’t submitted it before to the immigration office)
※ Refer to our Certified documents for more details


  • The individual is obligated to report to the Head of the local Immigration office before starting the part-time job.
  • Make sure you report 3 weeks in advance to get part-time work permission
    ※ In principle, you are required to receive a sticker or a stamp of part-time work for foreign students in your passport.

Extension for Period of Part-time Work

Individuals Restricted

  • If your latest semester’s attendance rate is 70% or lower or if your GPA is C (2.0) or lower, you will be regarded as having difficulty maintaining a job and studying at the same time.
    If you fail to register detailed information of your part-time job conditions (workplace, working hours, etc.) or if you haven’t reported after changing workplaces, you will not be allowed to extend the period of your part-time work.


  • Up to 1 year within your period of sojourn, up to 2 work places