About PAGODA ONE Program


Who we are
Pagoda One is part of Pagoda Education Group,
Korea's leading language training provider.
Headquartered in Gangnam, Seoul, Pagoda Education Group was established in 1969 and has over 40 years of experience in language training.

Pagoda One is a fast-growing network of English language training centers offering tutor-support English language training to the general consumer, young professionals and corporate executives across Korea.

Pagoda One was developed after several years of research into the language training requirements of adult learners. The syllabi and multimedia course materials have been developed in house by Pagoda Group's Research and Development team, which is made up of some of Korea's most experienced Native and Korean researchers, writers, and teachers. The materials were also heavily influenced by the opinions and contributions of our teachers. All our centers are centrally located in the Seoul Metropolitan area. Our continued success and growth is a testament to the value of the objectives stated in our mission statement.

Our Mission Statement

We are a student-focused academy which provides effective and innovative one-on-one English language instruction. We will ensure that our tutors have the tools necessary for success in our mission to assist our customer’s language acquisition and improvement, and the flexibility to respond to their changing needs. There is no greater satisfaction than meeting our students’ expectations and witnessing their success.