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Our Core Skills program is a highly structured, 55-minute class designed to teach students the specific language skills they will need for
a variety of real-life situations. The program includes professional and easy to follow multimedia materials, which include numerous activities that ensure that students never get bored and teachers always have something to do.
The program runs 6 levels and 30 lessons per level resulting in something for every level of student.When students enter our program their level and abilities are measured. Lower level students are assigned to our Bilingual tutor program while higher level students are put into our Native Teacher program.


A 55-minute 1:1 class offered to advanced level students (Level 7~9) or students with a specific area of interest. Students decide on the topic and notify the center and teacher 2 days in advance of the actual class. We also provide tailored Topic class programs for specific student needs. These Topic programs include:

Language Test Preparation (TOEIC, IBT, IELTS)

Focused Learning (Grammar, Listening, Pronunciation)

Interview Preparation (MBA, Job, Visa)

Presentation Practice

Video Class (Using online videos)

Article or Book Discussion