SLE (Speaking, Listening, Expression)Program



  • Pagoda’s oldest native-taught program (1985) to promote conversational skills.
    Combines accuracy and fluency building with the eventual goal of proficiency.
    Uses the international Pearson Speakout series as well as our own  published materials.

Aims and Levels

SLE Elementary  Students review and practice grammatical and functional language to build their confidence in speaking English in an English discussion skills only environment.
SLE Pre-Intermediate Students build on their functional knowledge of English to improve pronunciation and vocabulary. The major aim is to sound more natural in speaking, and be communicative in any English situation.
SLE Intermediate Students build on their functional knowledge of English vocabulary and more native level expression. Comprehension and pronunciation improve dramatically at this level.
SLE Upper Intermediate Students at this level have achieved a functional level of English and now practice conversational and through native level topics and activities.
SLE Current Events (Advanced) An article-based class where proficient speakers maintain their English through natural conversation about current events.



Sample lecture