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  • A speaking based business English program with elements of reading, listening, vocabulary, grammar, practical skills and some writing.
    The focus of SLE Business is to teach practical skills and language for students to use in their current and/or future workplace.
    Using the Market Leader textbook series, the curriculum covers a wide variety of business topics. This variety is beneficial for all students regardless of their background, current job or future career plans.

Aims and Levels


SLE Business 1    (Pre-Intermediate)  Students use their fundamental English language skills to develop their business English skills. Students will build confidence in speaking, and begin to cultivate their business skills by applying both established and new language to everyday situations.
SLE Business 2    (Intermediate)  Students continue their development of practical business English skills and language. At this level, students will be able to conduct a meeting, hold a negotiation, and make a presentation suitable for a native counterpart.
SLE Business 3    (Upper Intermediate)  Students will be introduced to language to widen the scope of their language abilities and to understand the intricacies of language used in everyday corporate situations. Students will also fine tune practical skills (negotiation, presentation, meeting, etc.) that were developed in previous levels.
SLE Business Adv  (Advanced)  Using authentic articles from top new sources, students discuss the latest topics and developments in business world. Students will maintain their level of naturally spoken English, while expanding their knowledge of the modern business world.



Sample lecture