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Modern English

A challenge class for students who want a more intensive study environment.

A combined class of levels 4-6 where students study higher level language and vocabulary than they would in the individual SLE levels.

Focuses on World English and building students' knowledge of the language more quickly.


Book Discussion

  • A two level course for students who enjoy the challenge of completing a novel in English.
  • A library of materials are available or teachers are free to create their own material for the month.
  • Focuses on discussion themes using English more than conversational learning.


College Writing

  • An intensive writing-focused course primarily for college students who must create papers almost exclusively in English.
  • Students expect to see rapid improvement and demand a high level of input and constructive feedback from the teacher.


Watch & Talk

  • This media-based class allows students to engage in interesting discussion based on various input from TV programs, sitcoms and talk show.


Job Interview

  • An offshoot of SLE Business, our Job Interview Training class is designed to prepare students for job interviews in English.
    Students practice answering different question types, creat a competitive resume and end the class with a mock interview.

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